How to afford a photography ?


It’s very simple, you have several ways to order and several different methods of payment


By mail stating in the subject COMMANDE PHOTO.
With Paypal payment to the address wich will be given after the confirmation of the order                  


By mail by printing out the order form (click to open the order form) with checks



In any case, do not forget to specify

The number of the picture (wich is below the photograph)
The title of the photo (which is on the photo)
The number of copies you wish.




What ever method you prefer, the rates are the same: 30€ one picture

45 € one picture


Shipping fees are calculated according to weight and include packing, they will be sent to confirm the order before or by mail if you so request


Each frame is realized in terms of the order, he will arrive for a period of 20 or 25days